About Us

Ink Boy Tattoo has been a Cultus Lake Park commercial leaseholder for five of the company’s 15 years.

Owned by tattoo artist Jody Blakeway – Ink Boy Tattoo offers all aspects of custom tattoo work.
Founded in Abbotsford in 2005, Jody operated there for about 10 years- building up his clientele, perfecting his craft and recruiting a number of other talented artists to the industry.
Ink Boy Tattoo currently has three artists available for bookings, or try your luck and drop-in for a walk-in session!

Jody Blakeway

Hourly $180
1/2 Hour $100
Artwork Charge (minimum) $50

Nathaniel Campbell

Hourly $160
1/2 Hour $100
Artwork Charge (minimum) $50


Hourly $100
1/2 Hour $50
Artwork Charge (minimum) $50

The artists


Out of State Nate

Tattoo and Design Artist

Nate Graduated from UFV with a diploma in graphic Design and Illustration in 1995 and has since worked as a muralist and independent designer under N8 Grafica; producing Logos, chalk art, and commission illustrations.
In 2004 he started Brethren Empirical, a graphic T-shirt line with Joseph Campbell. After dissolving the line a few years later, he began producing oil paintings and personal projects in other mediums.
In late 2016, he began apprenticing with fellow UFV alumni, Jody Blakeway, at Inkboy and has been tattooing full time ever since.
His passion is maintained by creating illustrative, custom art for the skin, and developing connections through this uniquely interactive craft.


Jody 'InkBoy'

Lead Tattoo Artist

``I love the pain I feel when the sharp needle pierces my skin. Not because I love pain... well, maybe. But as soon as a session starts, it forces you to let go of all past and future thoughts. It forces you to live in the moment; it forces you to find a way to deal with the very present and intense pain. Although it hurts... a LOT!... It's a much better feeling than the existing, and far too familiar, pain of past scars and the ever-present anxiety of future worries ..... My Church... Amen.``



Tattoo Artist

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The safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all tattoo instruments and materials are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each use.
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